crewe members

Welcome to the Crewe of the Archangel
The following is our current muster. Please click on the name of a crewe member to go to their biography. As this is a work in progress, please stop back as more links will be provided to crewe member’s bios. Thank ye.


Mlle. Josephine Legard, Herbalist, Indentured Servant
Mistress Alice Mason, Lace Maker
Smilin Kate, Fishmonger’s daughter
Mistress Murin “Silkie” McDonough, Owner of The Sealkie’s Hyde
Mistress Brig Harrington Roberts, Indentured Servant
Mistress Lizzie March, Naturalist
Mistress Krystian Williams, Artist


Mister Fionntan Murtaugh, Able Seaman & Captain’s Steward
Mister Cran Ohlandt, Able Seaman
Mister Rory “Gentleman Scotty” Scot, Able Seaman
Mister Joseph (Josephine) Legard, Able Seaman
Mister David Atlas, Able Seaman & Cook
Mister Matthew “Matty” Shortthumbs, Able Seaman
Mister Thomas Gale, Able Seaman
Parson Dudley Doubleshot, Ship’s Chaplin & Able Seaman




Mister Israel Cross, Bosun
Constable Heartless, Master at Arms
Matty Black Horse, Native American, Pilot
Mister Adam Cyphers, Ship’s Carpenter & Armourer
Doctor Jerome Augustine Geiger, Ship’s Surgeon
Mistress Mae Harrington, Officers’ Laundress
Mistress GiGi Doubleshot, Ship’s Cooke
Mistress Skittles March, Officers’ Sempstress


Mister Jack Roberts, Quartermaster/Purser
Mister Dorian Lasseter, Master Gunner
Mister Sean Merriweather, the Elder, Midshipman
Mister Joshua Merriweather, the Younger, Midshipman
Mister Andrew March, First Lieutenant

John Christian Sterling, Captain


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