Alice Mason

Alice Mason, Lace Maker. Currently employed by Captain Sterling. Born sometime around the beginning of the 18th century in London, England.

Alice Mason came from a family of stoneworkers who were plagued by ill health and hard times. She was sent to a charity school in London as a child where she learned the trade of lace making. At the age of twelve she was apprenticed to the lace maker for a wealthy estate.

At the age of fifteen Alice was first introduced to theater when members of the London stage came to perform for the master of the estate. She met a young actor named Charles Finche and swiftly fell in love with him, making only half-hearted efforts to refute his attempts to seduce her as the company’s month-long engagement was fulfilled. The first time she gave in they were discovered and Alice was dismissed from the staff.

Alice and Charles were married, and she spent several colorful years in the theaters earning a decent living by making lace for costumes. They had a daughter together when Alice was twenty-four. During the theater years Charles had several affairs which eventually led to the demise of any kind of romance between them, though they remained on good terms, even friends. She was with him when he died, and for the rest of her life she believed that he was the only man she had ever truly loved. She was twenty-five at the time of his death.

After Charles died Alice discovered that she was not in fact the first Mrs. Finche, but that Charles had had a previous marriage and a wife still living. With her marriage no longer existent, Alice took the name of Mason again.

Life in the theaters began to wear on her, and after Finche’s death she chose to leave and began to work for wealthier clients. With a good reference from Mary Pierce, the head costumer at the Queen’s Theater, Alice was able to live and work in the houses of her patrons for the time agreed upon, then moved to the next.

As her child grew Alice wished for a fresh start, a decent life and an opportunity to be a mother to her child, and an established shop of her own. This led her to seek passage to the colonies with the crew of the Archangel, earning part of her passage by making lace for the captain’s family.

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