The Merriweather Lads

Joshua and Sean Merriweather, Captain’s Servants or, more commonly known later as, Midshipmen. Born sometime during the late 17th century in Bristol, England.

Misters Joshua Merriweather (the Younger) and Sean Merriweather (the Elder) serve as midshipmen on board the Archangel. Their father, Thomas Merriweather, worked as a sailing master for William Sterling’s trading company. Thomas was on board the Hart when a violent tempest sent her crashing onto the shores of Algiers.

Joshua Merriweather

It was Thomas, who brought his captain, the young John Sterling, ashore during the deadly storm and kept watch over the younger man during their years of enslavement. Defiant, hot headed and obstinate, John Sterling proved a difficult captive costing him his health and Thomas Merriweather his life. When Sterling states he can no longer bear to see his sailing master suffer, his fanatical master obliges him by having Thomas Merriweather murdered whilst Sterling’s eye is put out.
Once ransomed and returned to England, Sterling seeks out Thomas Merriweather’s children and takes charge of them, bringing home the two boys to raise as his own and learn their trade upon the Archangel.

Sean Merriweather

CA.Salone copyrighted 2004


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