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Letter to Mistress Murin McDonough from her cousin Fionntan Murtaugh

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To Mistress Murin McDonough
The Sealkie’s Hyde
Hampton Roads
10 December 1720

My dearest Cousyn Murin,

We are nearly Home again. I am sorry that I must send this by Post but I was unable to stop to see you when we arriv’d, we have not the Time. Captain Sterling must first report to the Governor all that has happened and then we must immediately be off to Migdalel, as you know, the Capt.’s plantation. Therefore I will make what I can, known now so that I will have an easier Time of it later. After departing Hampton Roads we traveled swiftly to the Master Gunner’s Cottage where we met the Capt and the remainder of those still ashore. It was most kind of you to travel such a distance to bid us a safe Journey. T’is a shame we had such little Time together.

After we weighed Anchor, we headed south towards the farthest reaches of Spanish Florida with all due haste. We were delay’d by a Spanish Vessel not far from our Destination which came upon our Stern, requesting News, but their Intentions were not honourable, and a small Battle ensued after they fired without just Cause. Both Ships took Damage and neither could continue to fight that Day, so the Capt quick show’d the Spanish our Heels and we continu’d on our set Course. Sadley, we did suffer some Casualties, losing two Men. I can say without any Doubt in my Mind that Captain Sterling was not keen to give up that Ship so easily. He, insisting that since we are now at Peace with Spain, was most assur’d that they were naught but Pirates. Continue reading


Ringing in the New Year

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Josephine’s Journal
The Account of an Indentured Servant’s Adventures with the Crewe of the Archangel

January 1

snotties 1

It seems there was an incident this past afternoon just prior to the New Year celebration. The ship is moored in Hampton Roads area for a few months due to the winter weather. And though, close to home many of the crewe have remained on board. The Master Gunner prefers to stay on board to keep watch and maintain the guns, and being indentured to him, I remain as well. Should the weather become too much to endure, we always have the comfort of The Sealkie’s Hyde nearby; an ordinary owned by one of Capitaine Sterling’s friends. Yesterday, the weather was cool but dry so the Merriweather boys were sent ashore to retrieve the Capitaine’s mail bags from several coffee houses and the Hyde. After arriving at the Hyde, the boys helped themselves to food and punch…apparently too much punch.

As the afternoon wore into the evening, Capitaine Sterling seemed to grow concerned that some evil had befallen the Merriweather boys. I had brought hot tea and laudanum to the Capitaine several times and could not help but notice the worried look he wore upon his face. He called for the Master Gunner to accompany him ashore to search for the boys, starting with their destination at The Sealkie’s Hyde. When they arrived at the Hyde, Mistress McDonough greeted them and recalled the arrival of the midshipmen and the retrieval of the mail packet, but with the increased business in the afternoon she could not recall their leaving. A quick search of the premises revealed the two midshipmen in a corner of the establishment; face down in their food and punch. snotties 2

From what the Master Gunner related to me upon his return, Sean Merriweather had to be carried from the ordinary back to the ship whilst Joshua Merriweather was able to stagger his way back on foot with the assistance of Mon Capitaine. Needless to say, they were sequestered in the great cabin for some time, no doubt receiving a severe scolding for their actions. snotties 3

And thus, with the midshipmen safe on board, we had Gabriel announce the New Year with plenty of shot and powder and then retired to our own share of punch and sweetmeats.

Murin “Silkie” McDonough

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Mistress Murin “Silkie” McDonough, Owner of the Ordinary, The Sealkie’s Hyde. Born in September of 1678, in Galway, Ireland.

Murin McDonough lived a happy but difficult childhood with a loving family in Galway, Ireland. Her father was an educated Catholic and a supporter of King James II: a combination that could lead to an early death. Continue reading