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Please help one of the crewe achieve his dream….

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Letter to Mistress Murin McDonough from her cousin Fionntan Murtaugh

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To Mistress Murin McDonough
The Sealkie’s Hyde
Hampton Roads
10 December 1720

My dearest Cousyn Murin,

We are nearly Home again. I am sorry that I must send this by Post but I was unable to stop to see you when we arriv’d, we have not the Time. Captain Sterling must first report to the Governor all that has happened and then we must immediately be off to Migdalel, as you know, the Capt.’s plantation. Therefore I will make what I can, known now so that I will have an easier Time of it later. After departing Hampton Roads we traveled swiftly to the Master Gunner’s Cottage where we met the Capt and the remainder of those still ashore. It was most kind of you to travel such a distance to bid us a safe Journey. T’is a shame we had such little Time together.

After we weighed Anchor, we headed south towards the farthest reaches of Spanish Florida with all due haste. We were delay’d by a Spanish Vessel not far from our Destination which came upon our Stern, requesting News, but their Intentions were not honourable, and a small Battle ensued after they fired without just Cause. Both Ships took Damage and neither could continue to fight that Day, so the Capt quick show’d the Spanish our Heels and we continu’d on our set Course. Sadley, we did suffer some Casualties, losing two Men. I can say without any Doubt in my Mind that Captain Sterling was not keen to give up that Ship so easily. He, insisting that since we are now at Peace with Spain, was most assur’d that they were naught but Pirates. Continue reading

Cayo Hueso- II

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Josephine’s Journal
The Account of an Indentured Servant’s Adventures with the Crewe of the Archangel

great guns operating as field cannons

November 29
Our journey remained uneventful until this very morning, when a Spanish ship came up behind us, requesting that we stop for a spell. They said that they wished to hear the latest news of the world. Capitaine Sterling, concerned by their appearance had earlier ordered all men to their battle stations, just as a precaution. With closer inspection, he became even more suspicious of their actions and as the Spanish fired the first shot without provocation, Continue reading

Cayo Hueso

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Josephine’s Journal
The Account of an Indentured Servant’s Adventures with the Crewe of the Archangel


November 23
Today, Monsieur Lasseter informed me that we would be leaving on the morrow for the southern-most point of Spanish Florida. He was vague in his information, as happens on occasion; saying only that Capitaine Sterling had received word from British authorities that he was to regain order in the area as well as conduct a trial for the Admiralty. It seems that the British troops stationed there are experiencing difficulty in maintaining their power amongst the pirates. I questioned the Master Gunner as to whether we would be fighting the Spanish pirates or the British troops. He answered not, leaving me only to speculate. I have gathered my herbs in preparation for travel, focusing on wound-healing as I am expecting the power transition to not go smoothly.

Submitting papers before weighing anchor

Quartermaster Roberts paying the ship’s chandler as we tie up any loose ends

November 24
The crewe gathered at our cottage in the Carolina colony this evening, Continue reading