Thinking Back: Alice Mason, Lace-maker

Who are you?

Alice Sterling née Mason, Lacemaker. Formerly known as the Turkish Princess, Jülide, a guise I temporarily adopted out of necessity.

What are your dealings with the Archangel?

My Role on the Ship is strictly that of a Passenger. As the Captain’s Wife I occasionally travel with him and assist with the Ship’s Books. Most of my Time is spent on Land where I still make Lace for Family and Friends and tend to the Plantation and the Children in the Captain’s Absence.

What is your most memorable event concerning that relationship, and do you have any prized possessions connected to the event?

The Night I learned that the Captain was still alive, after I had been deceived for more than two Years into thinking that he had died when he was shot outside the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane in February of 1717. One of my most prized Possessions is a Letter. When first we met and the Captain began to court me, the first Time he had to sail, I found it awaiting me when I woke.

NOTE: When sailing kept husbands away from home for extended periods of time, it was quite commonplace for wives to transact much of the family’s business. “ As the excursions are often very long, wives in their [husbands’] absence are necessarily obliged to transact business, to settle accounts, wives in short, to rule and provide for their families.

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Copyright September 2013/S.W.Permenter


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