Blackbeard Pirate Festival, 2013 Hampton, Virginia

Josephine’s Journal
The Account of an Indentured Servant’s Adventures with the Crewe of the Archangel

May 31

Dorian and I awoke early; we plac’d the last of our belongings atop the carriage, and left the cottage on our way to Hampton, Virginia. It was in Hampton that we were instructed to meet with the rest of the Crewe of the Archangel. The Captain had overheard a rumor that a pirate gathering was to be held within Hampton, and he felt that we should make our presence known to protect the town and possibly arrest suspect’d pirates. T’was a short, uneventful ride into Hampton and we soon met with the crewe members who had already arriv’d and we quickly pitch’d our tent. This afternoon we spent a great deal of time with the crewe, arranging the responsibilities of each member for the length of our stay in Hampton, and laying out a game plan for protecting the town. The Captain was inform’d of a ball to be held not but a short distance away, so he and Monsieur Lasseter made their way to the site of the ball, and press’d those entering the building for their papers. I remain’d in camp with Fionn, Doctor Geiger, Monsieur Atlas, and those who arriv’d later in the evening, while awaiting the return of Mon Capitaine and Monsieur Lasseter. It has been a long day, the men have return’d from the ball, the Capitaine none too pleased to see his one time fiancé in attendance having turned Turk, and I expect another hot day tomorrow. Mon Capitaine and Fionn have been summon’d back to the plantation and so are preparing to ride back this evening, so Dorian shall be maintaining order amongst the crewe until their return, and I shall be disguising myself as Joseph in order to be of assistance. 983712_4847499107767_1810845113_n

June 1

We awoke early to a bright, clear sky and air that felt as though it clung to our skin; t’was another hot, humid day. We assembl’d in camp for a crewe meeting and to prepare for the day’s activities. Mon Capitaine and Monsieur Murtaugh had left last night to attend to Mon Capitaine’s business at home, and Monsieur Lasseter brief’d the rest of us on the situation at hand. It seemed that a small contingent of pirates was to approach Hampton by water, and that we were to take our great gun, Gabriel, to the waterfront in order to defend the town against the incoming pirates. T’was only expect’d to be a small band of raiders, so no more than a shot or two would be necessary. We gathered and mov’d the great gun to a spot on the point overlooking the river, where we join’d with other militia to take aim against the suspect’d pirates. At first sight of the boat and sail, a volley was fired from the guns position’d on the point; although there was little or no damage done to the pirates, they retreat’d. View More: With the city safe for a time, we returned to camp with Gabriel in tow and readied the cart for a press gang, as Archangel has lost a number of crewe this past year and is in need of strong backs to carry the ship along in a most speedy manner. The heat, by this early point, was already taking hold of the crewe. Although we were doing our best to keep our thirst to minimum, it seem’d we were sweating out the liquids as fast as we were taking them in.

View More:

Despite the high temperatures, the crewe members partaking in the press gang carried and escorted the worn ox cart along the waterfront and to the small square where we expected to find sailors to be press’d. We were not disappointed, as we were able to round up a hand full of men to press onto our ship. We brought them all to the cart and tied them to the rear, although one escaped and had to be chased by several of our crewe members to return him to the cart. He received a proper beating to keep him in line as we returned to camp. Many citizens heckled the pressed men as we made our way back to camp, knowing that they tried to escape impressment. Once back in camp, they were properly fitt’d out and introduced to their new crewe members before being permitted to retire for the evening in camp. The remainder of the crewe caught a few much need’d moments of rest, and several men took to necessary tasks such as Monsieur Ryerson, a newly pressed man, who deftly splic’d a chip board to its log line.

Around mid-afternoon, Capitaine Sterling and Monsieur Murtaugh return’d to camp, and settl’d themselves into the encampment once again, just in time for dinner. F108D90DSC_4780-001_nets We dined on chicken, corn, fruits, and bread as we discussed the handling of the pirates for the remainder of the trip. This evening, as we made our way to the waterfront for a fireworks show, the pirates’ sail appeared again on the river. After yet another volley, the boat disappear’d and the fireworks show was able to continue. We return’d to camp and enjoy’d a round of punch before retiring to our tent. It has been a long, hot day but the city has yet to be overrun with the pirates as they feared. Capitaine believes that tomorrow we shall monitor the situation, and as long as the city has the defense under control, we shall break camp and return to our abodes. For now, rest is in order.Atlas Cooking Hampton Retouched

June 2

Dorian and I awoke early, yet again, to a bright, clear sky but with a slight breeze, which lift’d our spirits. We hoped the breeze would help to somewhat lessen the effect of the heat, and we were not disappoint’d. Word had reached camp that the pirates were to make one last attempt on the city of Hampton, and our assistance was request’d at the point one last time. The crewe moved the great gun, Gabriel, down to the firing line, and I join’d them and several other crewe members who were not firing the guns near the line to watch the battle.941497_10200159072679388_1878124050_n There were enough hands to run the guns, so my disguise was not necessary. After nearly a handful of shots from the guns at the point, the pirates were once again forced to retreat, and the city of Hampton was safe. Around noon, the crewe once again attempt’d to obtain new sailors through the use of a press gang, and those collect’d were returned to camp. Quite a few more were gather’d today than yesterday. I have no doubt that they will soon resign themselves to their impressment. After a brief period of rest, we broke camp, pack’d the carraiges, and began the journey back to our respective homes, leaving the city of Hampton once again safe from the pirate invaders. As Dorian and I approach our cottage, I cannot help but wonder what adventure our next voyage shall bring…

Adam with Punchbowl Hampton FB retouchedF108D90DSC_4710-001_netsF108D90DSC_4996-001_netsF102D800DSC_1630-001Alice Standing Hampton Retouched

Copyright 2013 J.Otte
Special thanks to James Callahan for the use of his photos.


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