Cayo Hueso-lll

Josephine’s Journal
The Account of an Indentured Servant’s Adventures with the Crewe of the Archangel


December 1
The trial was held this morning, with two men being accused of piracy. The evidence against these two men was lacking, however, and Capitaine Sterling was forced to free the two with only a stern warning that their faces not be seen in that court again. Following the trial, the British again began to skirmish with the pirates and with the Archangel, and a short battle ensued.
The British, being flanked by pirates with Archangel gun crewes fighting them head on, narrowly lost the battle. The pirates then paraded the British troops through the common area and held their own trial. Although Capitaine Sterling refused to take part in such activies, it gave him an oppertunity to take further control of the island as was intended.
32414_3992473451223_2036018778_nThe battle resulted in few injuries, and between me and the doctor we were able to patch up the crewe in preparation for defense of the area should it become necessary. I again have been asked to dress as Joseph to man guns on the morrow should the need arise. The British may have been defeated, but not all were captured and some could return for the prisoners. It is becoming apparent that perhaps more support from England will be needed for Capitaine Sterling to take control as requested, both from the pirates and from the British troops.

December 2
As we feared, the British troops reunited and attacked the pirates, therefore attacking our forces as well. We attempted to hold them off, but small arms fire from the wall of the fortress in the region put our lives as well as the lives of the British troops in danger. We were forced to, take cover on the ground near the guns as the British troops advanced until they were felled by the gunfire. When the chaos had ended, the British troops were dead and the pirates held the island. Finding ourselves in a precarious situation, without the numbers to accomplish his ajective and the trial accomplishing nothing, Capitaine Sterling ordered a full retreat from the area. We quickly packed up our encampment and stowed our cargo on board the Archangel. We are now in route to our cottage in Carolina, and the rest of the crewe to their own residences in the colonies while Capitaine Sterling gives word of the trouble in Spanish Florida to British officials and we await our next orders. I have no doubt we will be sailing yet again within a few months, as we never stay ashore long.
J.Otte copyright 2013

Special thanks to the following photographers for sharing their work with us: James Callahan, Don Dunbar, Wendy Wellman, Caribbean Pearl, Mile Zero Key West


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