Cayo Hueso- II

Josephine’s Journal
The Account of an Indentured Servant’s Adventures with the Crewe of the Archangel

great guns operating as field cannons

November 29
Our journey remained uneventful until this very morning, when a Spanish ship came up behind us, requesting that we stop for a spell. They said that they wished to hear the latest news of the world. Capitaine Sterling, concerned by their appearance had earlier ordered all men to their battle stations, just as a precaution. With closer inspection, he became even more suspicious of their actions and as the Spanish fired the first shot without provocation, he ordered more sail as Monsieur Lasseter ran out the guns. As the Archangel returned fire, I immediately went below to fetch my cures and went to stay with the surgeon. I listened as the battle continued above, as the Capitaine tried to outrun the enemy. We were so close to our destination. As the wounded were brought below I was soon asked to help. The Archangel, a truly swift ship, soon left the Spanish far behind. I continued to help Dr. Geiger with the wounded, treating the Capitaine himself for burns he received when some burning rigging was cut away and landed too close upon the quarterdeck.
lasseter and sterling

We arrived at our destination in the late afternoon, and immediately began setting up our camp, trying to erect our tents before darkness overtook our efforts. The last of the tents were standing not long after night had fallen and we partook in a quick but filling meal.parson cooks
Capitaine Sterling’s arrival was noted with little interest. There is no doubt that his presence will be felt more strongly tomorrow, as the guns have already been brought ashore and the crewe is preparing themselves for battle. I cannot but wonder against whom. I plan to prepare my herbal concoctions in the morning, as the voyage to this island has left me exhausted.

November 30
I remained in camp today, readying my herbs and making conversation with the galley wench who has joined us on board for several of our latest voyages. As we did not yet know the extent of the force needed, and my herbal concoction required preparation, it was best that I was not on the field.
herb prep

Monsieur Lasseter informed me this evening that Capitaine Sterling made his presence known to the British officers, who brushed him aside indicating their disdain at the purpose of his arrival. They seemingly had no interest in working with him to maintain order. This left Mon Capitaine no choice but to fight the British, just as the pirates were fighting the British. This must have been a very difficult decision, and I hope for the good of the Capitaine and the crewe that it was not made erroneously. We have trusted Capitaine Sterling this far, he has not led us into danger from which we could not escape.
hauling guns
As an aside, I was asked by Monsieur Lasseter to don my male clothing, introducing myself as Joseph to all who asked, in order to help work the guns. Seeing that my herbs are now ready to treat the wounded following the battle, I have no choice but to oblige. Now that Mon Capitaine has established a base of operations, a trial is to be held tomorrow for individuals accused of piracy who are being held in bondage. Capitaine Sterling, Monsieur Lasseter, and Monsieur Roberts will be presiding.
J.Otte copyright 2013


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