Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

15 Septembre, I arrived at the wharf of Marcus Hook, a small port in the colony of Penn’s Woods at the nine o’clock hour with Mlle Legard and Adam Cyphers in tow. Captain Sterling and others of the crewe had arrived the day before and camp had been set. I had stayed aboard the Archangel to finish securing the arms aboard, and gather those arms coming ashore. The small skiff left for us was quite packed, but we managed well enough. Once arrived, we quickly off loaded the arms and other equipage into the awaiting camp. There we found that the crewe of the Vigilant were also on hand, as well as some others.

It was good to have a gam with Captain McGyver and co. Once availed of our cargo, we set all to rights to begin the day. The crewe gun was set out for display, in hopes we might make progress on new tools for her and working on a carriage. My personal swivel gun, “Eithne”, came ashore as well and was set up with the other great guns at the artillery emplacement, just a shore walk from the camp. There we would be set to repel any and all who would dare to attack us. a light fare was served by one of our ‘pressed men’, Deborah to the enjoyment of all. It seems the townsfolk had noted our arrival, but had not come to see what we were all about until near the hour of eleven. Slowly the people showed themselves, and made their pleasantries with us. And, as things would have it, a lookout spied activity on the water, so were were set to our guns so as not to be caught unawares. Indeed, there were pirates in the area and up to no good. At the hour of eleven we exchanged words, then gun fire with those wishing to attack the town, repelling them easily. Once they were sure to be gone, we retired the guns and retired ourselves to camp. There we took to task some of the necessities of shipboard life. Some make and mend time.

Fionn set to repairing the quarterdeck sun shade that had been damaged, more baggy-wrinkle was made out of sheer necessity, among other happenings. many of the townsfolk acquainted themselves with us all as the day progressed, asking us what we were all about, if we were in need of anything, and so on. Between the Vigilant and Archangel, we had a fine arsenal at the ready, which came in quite handy, as it was as if those marauders would send a party to attack near upon every hour! We manned the guns for a total of seven times that day, also exchanging small arms fire on occasion as well. The guns were manned well by all, The crewe of the vigilant, and our crewe; Adam Cyphers, Rory Scott, Pressed Man David Atlas, Matty Blackhorse, and Mlle Legard, having dressed as Joseph this day as we were in need of gun crewe, and she does quite well in this service. All the great guns performed perfectly, with the exception of my Eithne… she had a misfire during the final action at six in the evening. In short order all was made right and she performed well. It appears we were too well defended and were not attacked for the rest of the night, which made for a grand time, being able to mingle with our brethren ashore.
Captain Sterling and I spent a bit of time discussing tactics and what options we had if we were attacked in the morning, also garnering Captain McGyver’s opinion on such matters as well.
The night slowly came to a quiet end. All but posted guards slept. The morning came too soon, as it always does. We soon had reports that the pirates had left the area, and once confirmed, we were relieved. It was decided that we would need to strike camp before noon if we were to make the evening tide. All hands went about doing so, and soon the longboats and such were loaded to make their respective haul to the Archangel and Vigilant. Goodbyes were said all around in hopes of meeting again without too much time passing.


Dorian Lasseter
Master Gunner of the private ship of war, Archangel


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